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All art is epic! :D
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All my work. :D Some is good, some bad, some hard worked, some sketched in 10 seconds, some serious, some funny, some happy, some sad, some fan art, some original, a little bit of everything.
Constructive criticism is great, but just no shit and hate. K?

And here is more fan spam These aren't mine. I put them here so there's not one giant column of them.

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deviation in storage by pkmngiratinafn-16
Some days I fave almost everything I see, others days almost nothing because I'm thinking everything is crap. But I do, have a lot of faves. Over 6,000.
So if your picture is in one of my special folders: "My Very Most Favorites" or "Stuff That Inspires Me" (which both have less than 80 pictures in them), well then that's a pretty amazing picture you've got there. (At least to me). Or it's really funny or relatable.


Seadragon2 by CarmillaMurray

I think this picture has fantastic contrast. (Well, it is sorta obvious but I'd thought I'd point that out). Whether it was a special c...

by Smushey

This, this is just EXTRAORDINARY! Superb! Wondrous! Fascinating! Spectacular! I haven't seen something of such epic proportions in ages...

Candle by kina1319

I'm not sure where to start, but I'll guess first I'll say that this picture has great contrast, although I think it could have been ma...

Group Icon by Self-Eff4cing

When I see a lot of group icons, there is usually a ton of stuff in them and all these flashy things, so even when I take a real good l...



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Ok, so my school has a talent show each year, and my friend and I got the idea to get a few other people (like 5-6, to try to get a good variety of instruments) and play a medley of the Legend of Zelda series.

I'm not asking about where to find sheets, because I've already searched a ton, with no results.
Our idea is to pick six or seven really good ones from the series, and then blend them (like how a medley is different parts of multiple songs).

Now it's not hard finding sheet music for a single instrument, but for a group, it is a pain, and well it's never 100% what you're looking for because the chance of the your group and the group it's arranged for being the same is really low.

So, is anyone here good at arranging music? How would I got about it? Up to this point I've never done anything in a group, and any music I couldn't find for myself, I just learned by ear, but obviously that's not possible in this situation. So, would I arrange it by ear? Or is there another method? I am atrocious at the theory part of music, like all the rules, scales, chords, etc, and I feel so stupid for being so bad at them.
So for my AP English class in school, we had to choose a controversial topic, and now we're writing a paper about our position on it. I chose the debate that video games cause kids and teens to act and behave very ruthlessly and violently, and my position is that they don't.

My teacher is putting a very big emphasis on addressing the three types of appeals (pathos, egos, and logos) and so for the part of the logos part (facts, statistics, etc) I want to do a survey. So, here it goes! If there's any question that you don't want to or can't answer/don't feel comfortable answering, just don't answer. :D

Oh, and just to point out, when I use the term violence, I am also encompassing not just violent acts (shooting, kicking, etc) but also the blood, gore, and disturbing content.

1. Since what age have you been playing video games?
2. At what age were you allowed/started playing M-rated/violent ones?
3. Has a video game ever inspired you to do something? (Example: perhaps Minecraft inspired somebody to research and learn about different ores, rocks, and mining methods.)
4. Has a video game ever inspired you to commit a violent act/have you ever replicated a violent act from a video game?
5.Have you ever gotten into serious trouble? (Arrested, expelled from school, etc)
6. Does the violence factor of a game affect how much you want to play it? If so, does a lot of violence make you want to play it more, or not as much?
7. Do you think that violence in video games is numbing or mindless? Are there instances where you think that companies overdo it? And conversely, are there instances where you think that the violence present in the game is necessary to the nature/purpose of the game?

Everything in my paper will be in the form of percents, so it will all be anonymous! :) Thank you for answering! It's a big help!
Ok, so this is my first time making a legitimate full blown cosplay/costume. I made one for Fionna from Adventure Time, but that was more finding the right clothes and shoes, and sewing a hat.

So the costume I'm making is Fransizka von Karma's (from the Ace Attorney series). Here's a picture of her:…

Two questions: Does anybody know where to get a similar wig? All of my searches have ended with me finding one with the right hairstyle, but, it's way too blue, it's like a vibrant light blue, and I don't want to use that. I really want to find something that's the mostly gray/slightly blue colors that her hair is, but I am getting nowhere with that. 

Second question:  I am not new to sewing, I'm sewn hats and a lot of plush, but not any clothes or costumes. How would I go about the poofy sleeves? I've been trying to wrap my mind around a pattern or layout, but it sorta just dumbfounds me. I know they'd need to be slightly or somewhat stuffed, but does anybody have any suggestions as to how to construct them, and how to attach them to a shirt? (Because that was my plan, to find a good shirt, and just add the poofies, although if you veteran cloth artisans/costume makers have a better idea in mind, please feel free to share!)

Thank you for helping out this noob hopeful costume maker!!! :D If it seems like I don't know what I'm talking about, chances are I don't! But it's all a learning process and I hope to learn as I go!
Ok, so, two things:
ONE: Pick a character who you think has a crappy/stupid final smash, and make them a new one! Describe in detail the epic manner in which it will be executed!

Pick someone who you'd like to see in Smash, and make up what you think their final smash would be! Doesn't matter how unrealistic: Want to do Master Chief's or Hilary Clinton's final smash? Go ahead!!!!!! XD XD XD

Or do both!!! :D

And so I'm going to do the second one!
Character: Phoenix Wright
So this works quite similarly to Mega Man's. On the game screen, Phoenix grabs the opponent and holds them in place while Maya appears on screen, opens a briefcase, and traps them in it. Then it goes to a new screen in a coutroom, and Phoenix and the other major defense attorneys and prosecutors (Mia, Edgeworth, Godot, Franziska, Apollo, etc) line up, and shout a giant Objection!, which goes flying towards the opponent (who is standing at the witness's stand) at light speed and hits them with extreme knock back.


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Jessie Kozlosky
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there children, the name's Jessie. I'm 16 and from Greenfield, Pennsylvania and have been drawing for a long long time. I dabble in a few mediums, like paint, pencils, and marker, and styles, like color, stippling, and achromatic, and in a few different kinds of art. I draw all the time and am always trying improve, to if you'd like to give me a tip or something, that'd be great. You can find original art and fan art in my gallery, so I hope I have something for everything. If you have any questions or want to ask me or tell me something, feel free to note me or comment.
Also, I try to be as nice, polite, and caring of a person as I can, so if you have any troubles or burdens bothering you, you can talk to me. And I always try to be very respectful of others, so I promise I won't give you any crap.
With one exception. If you're a brony, just, please, begone, leave my page, and don't ever come back again. I don't need something so infernal all over my page.

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So over the past year, posting wise, I have been very inactive, but, starting very soon, I plan to change that! I thought that I wasn't getting much attention or appreciation here on dA, but now I realize, I miss the posty part of this place, even if it now looks like Facebook, I've come to realize that art on Facebook is not the way for me. Or even a full art account on Instagram either. It just has to be a really arty place like this!

I do really miss my older times with this place, I wanna have a similar time like that. OK sorry this is probably grammatically terrible, but I'm just typing my thoughts and feelings, and not necessarily paying attention to that stuff.

Plus, like in school, and on Facebook, and Instagram, and pretty much any other place I have ventured to, you can't find fans as much. I mean I chatted fan-related stuff up all the time in the past, with users who find my work who were also a fan of said game/whatever, but in those other places, that element, is, missing. No amazing fan chatting. You know how many hours I could talk about some stuff? And most of those people like that are here! :)

So I will be back. I WILL. VERY SOON. MUCH SOON.

And plus, with some of my art, outside of my close circle of friends, I feel like some people look at my art and say what the fuck. I mean not that it's that weird or out there, I mean god, if they came here, they'd be like what they fuckity fuckity damn shit is this thing???? To the tenth power.

So yeah. And I just missed this place. Plus I'm getting sick of school. Class president is hard work, but I never realized how may assholes I'd have to work with. I mean I'm fine working with reasonable people, but the amount of assholes in the system (not just students, but advisers and administration too!) is horrifying. I'm trying  be a cool president and organize my class a fun trip to Six Flags. So you know what the admins say? $1,000 per bus to drive em down. I'm pretty fucking sure that a two hour drive plus a shitty bus driver wage isn't more than $300. Or $400. Certainly not $1,000. I mean damn it, is the school trying to make a big profit off a poor girl and her equally poor classmates just trying to make a good school year? Like seriously admins, the school is not in a fucking wealth zone. Lower middle and lower class, you selfish people. I refuse to jack their ticket prices up by $40 dollars to pay for a fucking bus.

Ok rant over.
But I will be back. Soon. Like I said before. 
Sorry for all the swearing. But I just type what's on my mind nowadays. I used to edit my journals (hence lack of swearing) but I lost the aptitude for doing it.
Anyways I love you guys. Much better than the craps at school.
I mean in a non relationship kind of way. Friends are awesome but being in a relationship, I think is a waste of time.
So I mean the other kind of love.
Ok bye.

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